Joining God's work of cultivating new beginnings in all of us, everywhere.



To become ordinary apprentices of Jesus who are learning to love God, ourselves and others wholeheartedly.


Joining God's work of cultivating new beginnings in all of us, everywhere. 


At Genesis East we believe that what we value goes beyond memorizing a few phrases or key words. Our values provide us with a framework by which we can begin to measure our lives. Our values give us language to revisit when we feel like we are losing our way. The Story of God is always unfolding, and we want to find our place within it. We've set out to value the things that help us pursue the brave work of recognizing and responding to God.


“The pursuit of wholeness is primarily a communal act.”

Aaron J. Freer  |  lead Pastor



It's appropriate to ask, "Why another church?" The answer can be traced back to 2008 when my heart and soul started wrestling with the strong sense that both Church and what it means to be in community were changing (and needed to change). I was searching for a place that valued honesty. A place that embraced doubt with kindness and encouraged people of all ages to ask good questions. The journey has, at times, been desperately lonely, but it has also been filled with beautiful conversations. I have gathered around tables and wept in coffee shops with people like you. It is in your stories and your shared hope for what community and Church could be that I have found the courage to believe that there are a number of us sensing the new work that God is up to. 

In 2014 my family and I started going to a church called Genesis in St. Louis Park, MN. The ethos of the church resonated so deeply with us that we started dreaming, with the Genesis team, about a new Genesis on our side of town. This work is deeply rooted in the larger story of those who have gone before us; a work that seeks to connect us to God and to each other in meaningful ways. A work that invites people into a lifelong pursuit of wholeness.

On April 8, 2018 a brave group of adventurers stepped into the unknown for our very first preview service. We've been gathering together weekly since June 2018 and our continued hope is that God would teach us what it looks like to create a community where people see one another well. A place where people feel permission to bring their actual lives with them to church, no more pretending. 

If you're looking for a perfect church, we aren't it. But if you've been searching for a new beginning, or if you've been holding out hope for something different, this very well could be the place for you. You may have heard about us or maybe not, that's not important. The important thing is to follow your curiosity; about God and about a small community of people attempting to love each other and the world really well. We acknowledge that it takes a lot of courage to try something new, to search for a new possibility. Thank you for checking us out, we'd love the opportunity to meet you in person. Everyone is welcome at Genesis East and it would be a privilege to have you join us. 

May we wrestle honestly together as we pursue God's invitation to wholeness. 

Aaron J. Freer | Lead Pastor 



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